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Recently, some of our users encountered a known issue with the Outlook Exchange error. This problem occurs for many reasons. We will discuss this below.

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    An “if possible” error occurs when trying to open Outlook. I have multiple email accounts with a good Gmail account. I tried safe mode, quick recovery, online recovery, MSc support, and recovery wizard. But nothing helped.

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  • The only thing I haven’t been able to try is recovering mailboxes with SCANPST.

    I created a great new Outlook profile for all other email accounts except the GMAIL package because I don’t have a password for it.

    That’s why I was interested in opening Outlook in the original profile.


    Whether it’s a direct result of the latest Microsoft Windows or Office updates, or just a sudden email problem,

    in recent months

    I have found myself running into real problems and repeating the same recommendation to people who have by far most often solved a problem they actually had.

    This step-by-step Outlook troubleshooting and troubleshooting guide will help you quickly resolve any issue you encounter You are welcome. All steps are properly protected and very little technical detail is required.

    Soon I’ll be creating exactly the same manuals for Microsoft Cover Word as I do for Excel. Look for links to your manuals in the comments section of the next article.

    A short (non-exhaustive) list, as well as issues that can be resolved with the steps in this type of article, include:

  • Outlook won’t open.
  • Outlook has suddenly become a problem when it starts up or behaves erratically in several ways.
  • Outlook throws errors when trying to sync with an IMAP or Exchange server.
  • The Outlook PST or OST data files have become corrupted.
  • Many more scenarios…
  • With a show… If

    Note. The new problem is that Outlook probably won’t open at all. Go to step 3.

    Step 1: Determine which instance of Office is 32-bit or 64-bit

    This is easy to do and will be useful for getting information for later. In Outlook, this is done as follows:

    • Click File > Office Account > About Outlook

    experts exchange outlook error

    At the top of the opened windowIt says you are using a 32-bit and/or possibly 64-bit installation of Microsoft Office.

    Step 1: Check if Outlook add-ins have always been the cause of your problem

    Many common problems with Outlook are either caused by new add-ins, or an add-in you are using that has become completely broken, or for some reason. The easiest way to get rid of add-ons as the cause of your hurdle is to start Outlook in safe mode and make sure someone else’s error persists.

    • To do this, you can first close Outlook. Press your awesome Windows key + R to open the Run dialog, type /Safe as, then press Enter and/or click the OK button.
    • < /ul> .

      • It is almost certain that Outlook will open in safe mode, with all add-ins disabled by default. Determine if your problem is serious.

      If the problem persists, go to step 3 now.If Outlook is now working correctly, your own problematic add-in could definitely be the cause or contributing factor. Fix them one by one by doing the following: actions.

      Find the erroneous add-in that closes Outlook in safe mode that someone just started and reopen Outlook in the last normal (unsafe) mode. Click File > Add-in Options > > Configure COM Add-in and click the Go…


      In the next window that appears most often, check which add-ons are usually enabled (tick them) and temporarily prevent them from loading, and also disable them.

      Close Outlook, reopen it and check if all add-ins work as normal and check if the issue is resolved.

      experts exchange outlook error

      If the issue is resolved, it is likely that one or more add-ons are causing the issue. Therefore, we will likely do some basic testing combined with bug fixes to determine which one (or more) is causing the problem.

      I would say

      Note. If the problem persists in normal mode with all add-ons disabled, leave them disabled for now and proceed to step 3 below.

      Go back to this particular “Manage COM Add-ins” window as mentioned earlier, and first inEnable only the add-on that you temporarily disabled, and then click OK. No,

      if then do the same again. Leave the first add-in enabled and re-enable the second add-in that you temporarily disabled, close and re-open Outlook and see if the headache returns.

      If you have income problems, find the culprit. You immediately have the option to temporarily disable the problematic add-on to handle another wedding, uninstall it and reinstall it, or leave it disabled when you absolutely don’t need it, or even use it entirely to uninstall it.

      Note. To permanently uninstall the add-in, you need to help open Outlook in Administrator mode. To do this, press the Windows key, type Outlook, right-click the Outlook application at the top of the Best Matches list, and select “Run as administrator” to run.

      Now you will most likely re-enable the remaining add-ins that you have now disabled and restart Outlook to ensure that no other add-inski do not cause problems. While two add-ons are unlikely to close at the same time, if the problem occurs after re-enabling the remaining add-ons, you should re-enable all but the first one and continue with the solutions above to determine which other add-ons are not working. ins in can cause a very big problem.

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