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    In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible reasons that might prevent ldap from updating the profile error and after that, we will share some ways you can try to solve this problem.

    17:33:09 Jan 33 apilap016 ldap_cachemgr[5879]: [ID 722288 daemon.error] Error: update from profile:. (error=2)

    Jan 27 02:19:50 apilap025 pfksh[20883]: [Use ID 293258.error] libsldap: Status: 2 Unable to load message: load configuration ‘/var/ldap/ldap_client_file’ (”).< /p >

    Note. Indexed LDAP and applied fixes as per support article.

    If I try to connect the Solaris Update 10 client to my Sun iPlanet Directory Server 5.2 LDAP server using the following configuration:

    It works well and most of the information needed by the client is often completely available from the server. I can connect as LDAP but the users, hosts table and automount are updated correctly. However, I agree with this email log error message when ldap_cachemgr tries to set the profile date:

    Aug 26 11:32:57 CNOOFS01 ldap_cachemgr[21216]: [ID 722288 daemon.error] Error: Help update profile: SciDevGrid. (error=2)

    Tue Aug 28 11:32:57 AM Error: 7344 Unable to update due to SciDevGrid profile (Error=2)

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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  • The SciDevGrid profile on the entire LDAP server (cn=SciDevGrid,ou=profile, has the following configuration:

    (Opethe rational Passwd system and online community are inherited from the default personal profile via serviceSearchDescriptor)

    If I login to the LDAP server and edit the SciDevGrid profile to set defaultSearchBase to “” the cachemgr error messages stop. Let me assume this is a configuration overview. Has anyone ever encountered this danger?

    Essentially, I’m trying to get a “default” profile that also includes users and groups that will apply on all machines connected to LDAP. Other credit accounts inherit these attributes from the actual default profile while providing additional constructs (auto-mount mappings and host tables) so you can identify any spreadsheet our team has.

    [secure email address]


    I often encountered two problems when trying to update a user profile through the billing console.

    Number 01

    ldap error unable to refresh profile

    Attempting to update a user’s profile using thecontroller will no doubt fail with the following LDAP error in the wso2carbon logs. [LDAP: exchange error 16 - 00000057:...

    The takeaway is that the profile setup request should only be selected with custom JDBC stores, and in the ad/ldap method inside doSetUserAttributesWithID[1], the custom store should be ignored. In the previous version of IS, we skipped port [2] like here. This is usually fixed by this PR[3].

    Number 02

    After fixing this issue, updating the customer profile returned the following. [LDAP: error code forty-eight - 0000207D: UpdErr: DSID-031517BB, issue 6002 (OBJ_CLASS_VIOLATION), exact entries 42]

    The problem here is that when searching for users it helps to clear the search [4], we used the account id search filter to search for end users by ObjectGUID.

    The filter parts below are happening right now, but don’t forget to return all the results.


    To test this, I replaced the search by id Browse the user with a search filter based on the username, as shown below, and it usually returns the correct answer.

    String Username GetUserNameFromUserID(UserID);username == UserCoreUtil.removeDomainFromName(username);userSearchFilter means userSearchFilter.replace("?" to escape SpecialCharactersForFilter(username));

    How to play:

  • Get the IS 5.10.0 package
  • Set up the second user store as uniqueidactivedirectoryuserstoremanager.
  • Create a new user here and try to update it using the profile management console. information
  • Environment:

  • Product version: [IS 5.10.0]
  • User Store: [AD (Windows Active Directory 2016)]
  • [1] /user/core/ldap/
    [2] — /core/ldap/
    [3] – wso2/carbon-kernel#2653
    [4] – core/ldap/


    After changing LDAP usernames (for example,, lower or upper case changes) on the LDAP server, LDAP users can see their profile in Confluence, but all related features are not available. First, “Network”, “Shortcut”, “Drafts” and “Create Custom Region” are not available for LDAP users as they are not normally visible.


    This is known to be a username mismatch.

    For example, LDAP originally created the username “Alison”. Some time after the attacker logged in, the LDAP administrator changed his username to make sure you were “alyson”. Because the usernames are wrapped in Confluence responsive, the lowercase version is treated as a sorted user.


    1. ldap error unable to refresh profile

      Rename the user in the Confluence database. Run the following queries:

      Update contentset username='user'where username='user';update external_entitiesset name='user'where name is "user";Update os_propertyentryset entity_name = 'EXT_user'where entity_name is "EXT_user";


    2. Confirm they’re fixed:

      select * from content through which username = 'user';select * outside external_entities where name = 'User';select * after os_propertyentry where entity_name = 'User';

    This article applies to Confluence 3.4 and earlier. If you encounter a 3.5 or 3.5 issue, please submit a support ticket.

    The cheapest option is to restore the person’s original name on the LDAP server.

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