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    You may encounter an error code indicating that the printer is published in Windows Active Directory. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, so let’s do it now. You can easily connect a printer to a directory through the machine’s properties. Open the “Printers” folder, right-click the printer and select “Sharing”. Select this “Listed in directory” option and click OK. Users who wish to add a published printer to corporate computers can do so using the General Add Printer Wizard.

    This article describes specific policies for managing devices and using Group Policy settings to manage printers in Active Directory.

    Applies to: Windows Server later
    Original KB number: 234270


    How do I add a printer in Active Directory 2016?

    Expand Printers. Right-click the printer you want to deploy or remove from Active Directory, then select Properties. Select the “Share” case. Check the list in the new directory if you want to add the printer to AD.

    The Active Directory settings associated with the printer can be enabled or simply disabled using Group Policy settings. All policy group settings are listed under Policy group objects that remain associated with Active Directory services (sites, organizational units, and domains). This increases the structure And extends Active Directory.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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  • This article describes specific printer management policies and explains how to disable printer management using the Local Group Policy Editor.

    There is 1 type of configuration you can try for printers listed in Group Policy settings:

  • Computer configuration
  • User settings
  • Set Up Alternative Printers For Computers

    How do I publish a printer in Active Directory?

    Right-click the printer you want to add to Active Directory and select Properties.Select the Sharing tab.Check the “list in directory” deployment.You can also select the General tab and enter information about the location of the printer.Click Apply, then click OK.

    1. Select Start, select Programs, select Administrative Tools, and optionally select Active Directory Users and Computers.

    2. Select the Active Directory container of the specific domain you want to bypass (OU and/or domain). Right-click the container and select “Properties”.

    3. publishing a printer in windows active directory

      Select the Group Policy tab and then New to be able to write a new Group Policy setting.

    4. In the Local Group Policy Editor, expand the following folders:

    5. Computer configuration
    6. Administrative templates
    7. Printer

  • How do you deploy a printer?

    Click Start, Administrative Tools, then deselect Print Management.Expand Print Servers in the remaining pane, then select a theme server from the list.Click Printer. Right-click on the target device, then search for “Deploy using Group Policy”.

    Allow publishing printers: Enables or disables the display of printers in the directory.

  • How do I add a printer to my domain?

    Click on the actual start menu.Click the gear icon with open settings.Click Devices.Click “Printers and Scanners” on the left, thenm just click “Add Printer or Scanner”.Currently, click on the “The printer I want is not listed” link.

    Allow the print spooler to accept client connections: Determines whether the print spooler accepts client connections. When the policy is configured, the spooler does not accept connections from people until the user releases data from the local printer or normally opens the print queue on the connection’s watermark. At this point, the spooler will probably start accepting client connections automatically.

  • Allow sharing of published printers. Determines whether a domain controller can share (delete according to Active Directory) printers published by this computer. After the deadline, the cleanup service on a domain controller removes printer objects from Active Directory if the computer that sent them is not responding to contact requests. When the computer that published your printers restarts, it republishes any orphaned printer objects.

  • Automatically publish certain new printers to Active Directory. According toBy default, this type of setting is enabled. It can be turned off completely so that only selected shared printers are placed in the directory.

  • Check Publishing Status: Used to check that the published computers are published as active in the directory. By default, the post status is indeed checked.

  • Custom support URLs in the left pane of printer folders: This bit of policy generally allows administrators to add professional support URLs for the server. If this bit is not set, the “Printer Folder Stock Table” window displays the selected URLs for the printer and the specific vendor’s support URL if sold. If this bit is selected when entering a custom support URL, the custom support URL will replace the two previously mentioned support URLs. The default option is not selected, which means there is no custom support URL.

  • Computer Location: Specifies the location of the default criteria used when searching for printers. This setting is com A component of the Windows Inkjet Printer Location Tracking feature. To use this setting, enable location tracking by enabling the Prefill location text option to customize press search. When location tracking is enabled, the system uses the specified location as a query when users search for printers. The value entered here overrides the actual location of the computer performing the search.

    Enter the specific location of the user’s computer. When users search for printers, My system uses the specified location (and search criteria) to find the nearest computer printer. You can also use the option to send users directly to a specific printer or print device group to use.

  • Catalog cleanup interval. The cleanup interval determines the amount of time that the cleanup engine looks for free PrintQueue objects. The cleanup tool reads the cleanup interval value every hour.

  • Repeat Dictionary delete attempt: Determines how often the PrintQueue cleaner tries to contact the print server it encounters and removes the abandoned PrintQueue object.

  • Priority when shortening a directory. The thread priority is set by the cleanup thread. The cleanup thread runs only on domain controllers that are responsible for deleting obsolete printers from the catalog. Valid values ​​are already -2, -1, 0, 1, and two or three, corresponding to values ​​from THREAD_PRIORITY_LOWEST to THREAD_PRIORITY_HIGHEST. The default is 0.

  • publishing a printer in windows active directory

    Prohibit installation of drivers for kernel-mode printers. Specifies that sometimes the printer used by kernel-mode drivers can also be installed on the national machine. Kernel mode drivers have access when you want to access system-wide memory. poorly written kernel mode owners can cause stop errors.

  • Log directory cleanup retry events. Specifies whether to log events when the cleanup service uses a domain controller to attempt to contact a computer before cleaning up the host’s printer. -computer by human.

    The cleanup service periodically associates computers with published printers to make sure the printers are still available.

    When a computer store responds to a contact attempt, the attempt is repeated a certain number of times within a certain period of time. The directory cleanup retries option calculates the number of retries for this particular attempt. The elevated default is two attempts. The Directory Cleanup Interval setting determines the time between retries. Seven defaults to hours. If the computer did not respond to the last contact, its printers, where the directory

    originated from, are deleted

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