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    Data Warning

    Data leakage can mean unethical access to data, most often associated with people and organizations that claim to be protected from unauthorized individuals creating an account or belonging to various organizations.

    Camera And Microphone Warning

    This feature warns you when the camera is turned on frequently. The camera icon is randomly displayed in green, and when the microphone is enabled, the microphone icon is displayed in yellow. This will help you take appropriate action if necessary.

    Web Security

    Enable this feature to block infected, fraudulent, malicious, and then phishing websites.

  • Pocket Alert:

    instantly notifies the user when someone tries to steal a number from your pocket.

  • Motion Alert:

    Notifies the user immediately if the phone simply moves away from their current location and informs them of the possibility of a specific theft.

  • Scanner

  • Quick Scan.

    Runs untilAn extra quick scan directly on your device to detect and block malware, keyloggers and/or fake apps.

  • Full Scan.

    Full scan is a full scan of your mobile phone and memory card.

  • Scheduled Scan.

    This feature allows you to schedule antivirus scans at a convenient time for you. Scanning:

  • Background

    Protects your mobile device’s main file system from malicious threats and phishing sites. It remains active in the working memory of the device and also scans all confidential or saved files, including files on the main memory card.

  • Vulnerability Scanning.

    Some mobile apps installed on your phone have interesting security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. This feature detects these vulnerabilities and brings them to your attention.

  • Scan Apps On Install.

    Scans installed home appson your device to detect and prevent threats.

  • Scan Before Loading.

    Apps are automatically scanned before your company downloads them from the Google Play Store. It also lets you know if a particular application is safe to install and/or not. If not, the benefit shows the risks of the savings app.

  • Phone Support

    Phone Boost allows you to optimize your device and increase its performance. Phone Boost removes all running apps, clears app store cache files, obsolete APKs, junk files, and then frees up tiles on your hard drive.

    Security Advisor

    Security Advisor informs you about settings that can improve the overall security of your good smartphone. For example, if your phone does not have the new lock screen setting enabled, the security guide will ask you to enable it.

    Privacy Policy

    Privacy Tips

    Advisor notifies us and allows us to quickly view applications that mayjeopardize your additional privacy. This will help you review our permissions when using these apps, so you can decide if you want to remember them or not.


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    Application Lock

    Add a great extra layer of security to keep your phone real. Lock all your WhatsApp blogs including Facebook, Instagram, Gallery and Camera with a secure PIN.

    Secure Erase

    Helps you securely delete data. Significant deletion of data in the usual manner may leave traces of data and may be tracked using tracking software. With secure deletion, you can permanently delete duplicate content and sensitive data without leaving a trace.

    Messaging Center

    quick heal antivirus cracked for android

    Displays important ezines that require your attention. Latest IT security news, offers and alerts The messages were also displayed in the message center.

    Activity Logs

    Get detailed reports on your lifestyle by running Quick Heal Total Security on your device. It also includes things like blocked threat data, updates, missed calls, and more.

    Block Calls

    PC problems? Solve them in minutes.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Run a scan to find and fix errors
  • 3. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • The call blocking option will help you block unwanted calls. With this option, you can easily block unwanted calls from unknown local and international data, business calls and call numbers from specific series.

    Parental Controls

    Parental Control helps you detect infected and fraudulent websites and blogs. This option helps you distinguish between good and bad information on the Internet for your children and helps you track their online activities. Thus, people can block unwanted websites and plans that could harm your children. A detailed parental control report helps parents monitor their children’s mobile activity.

    Wi-Fi Security

    Alerts you if your mobile device detects an unsecured Wi-Fi network. By entering such convolutions, attackers can steal your sensitive information, including your login ID and banking passwords, details and other information about men or women.

    Quick Setup Notice

    When this feature is enabled, families can access various device settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data, brightness, and flashlight with a single tap.

    Anti-theft Device

    The Anti-Theft setting helps protect your personal device in case of loss or theft. Anti-Theft offers many useful applications, such as blocking or buying certain SIM cards, automatically locking the device if the simulator is not reliable, and tracking and remote control of the guitar in case it is lost or possibly stolen.

    Regular Automatic Virus Signature Database Updates

    Quick Heal Total Security for Android performs regular automatic security updates. This helps protectKeep your device and data safe from new threats.

    quick heal antivirus cracked for android

    Get better performance from your computer with this software - download it to fix your PC today.

    Quick Heal Antivirus Cracked Fur Android
    Antivirus De Cura Rapida Rachado Para Android
    Vzlomannyj Antivirus Dlya Android
    Snelle Genezing Antivirus Gekraakt Voor Android
    Quick Healing Antivirus Crackato Per Android
    Antivirus A Guerison Rapide Fissure Pour Android
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    안드로이드용으로 금이 간 퀵 힐 안티바이러스
    Quick Heal Antivirus Knackt For Android
    Zlamany Program Antywirusowy Szybkiego Leczenia Dla Androida