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    It seems some readers have encountered the known runtime error 438, Object does not support this property or method. This issue occurs due to several factors. Let’s discuss this now. VBA error 438 occurs when you try to use a property or method that is not supported by this object. As you know, all objects have properties and methods that most people can use, but sometimes when using a house or a method, a situation arises that does not require a specific object.

    Common methodsHow to resolve runtime error “438”: Object does not support this property or method when trying to start in Excel?

    runtime error 438 object doesnt support this property or method

    You have no idea what is causing this Excel Runtime Error 438 and how to fix it, do you?

    Now you’re scared because this post will probably help you get real fixes to fix Excel error 438: Object does not support this property or method error. Not only that, you will also get full details of this Excel error 438.

    What Is Excel Runtime Error 438?

    How do you fix object doesn’t support this property or method error 438?

    This error usually occurs due to “lost” or “corrupted” PC Excel 2003 records that are required to access each of our Jet Excel add-ins. This can usually be fixed by manually adding the Jet Excel add-in back to Excel.

    Most often, this method appears when the user encounters such an annoying error code macro when an object is not supported by a property or method.

    runtime error 438 object doesnt support this property or method

    If an Excel user creates a toolbar in Excel using a Visual Basic coupon code, the following HTML error code also occurs:

    Error Details:

    Under What Circumstances Does Excel Get A Runtime Error 438?

    There is no special protection against this Excel rendering error 438: The object does not support this scope method or.

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  • This Excel run-time error 438 has been found to occur frequently inarises due to several circumstances. So this check is complete:

  • If one tries to inject variables for workbooks and in addition worksheet names.
  • When you run the program in typical form, your variable is already assigned. And this particular variable is used today to access the board via a form.
  • This error also occurs if the installed AMD driver is out of date.
  • The macro you are definitely using may not be correct or may not work. This will eventually cause an Excel rendering error 438.
  • Runtime error 438 also hits your whole family when you try to run a macro based on an outdated version of MS Excel in the latest version of MS Excel.
  • When a particular custom toolbar is created, it is placed in an Excel spreadsheet. The user encounters a task failure error in the message.e. “Object does not support idea property or method: runtime error 438.
  • When this serious error occurs, the user tries to use a Microsoft VB Macro for Excel. This macro is tryingIt is possible to set the exact properties of the Excel worksheet, but it does not allow you to complete this task, which ultimately improves performance on error 438 in Excel.
  • Having fully understood what could be causing Excel Runtime Error 438, you can now easily explore areas where this risk can occur.

    How To Fix Runtime Error 438 In Excel?

    Fix 1# Issue With MS Office Version Support

    Excel Runtime Error 438 also occurs when you try to run a job using legacy macro functions developed in an older version of the MS Office application in one of the latest versions of MS Office.

    For this, I recommend that you use your macro, regardless of the version of the MS Office application in which you created it. OR you can get help from this helpful post [SOLVED]: “This file is not in a recognizable format” Excel Error.

    Fix 2# Check We Encoding

    As previously stated, the Excel Runtime Error 438 also appears due to the macro being created incorrectly. Or when the user tries to run a macro that doesn’t supportany properties or methods of the Excel object.

    To fix this Excel object that does not support this property or conceptual error, the user must validate it, otherwise rewrite the VBA module code.

    If you are not familiar with programming, you can contact the Microsoft Consulting Service.

    Fix 3# Remove Microsoft Works Add-on:

    How do I fix Runtime Error 438?

    The first step to fix error 438 might be to uninstall the Microsoft Works Workplace add-on. This usually leads to a struggle with the software model of the workplace. This can be done with the mouse pointer over Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Packages, right after that you will find the Microsoft Works add-on.

    Microsoft add-in has been found to create all those Excel objects that do not support this home or method error. So, just remove this process add-on by following these basic steps:

  • Go to the Start menu, select Settings, then Control Panel.
  • Now tap any program / add and remove it.
  • Click on the localization file present in the options.
  • On the Uninstall/Install tab, select a set of add-ons, such as B. Word of business. Then click Add/Remove.
  • Now carefully follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Restart your computer and try loading Microsoft Word again.
  • How do you fix error object doesn’t support this property or method?

    Launch Internet Explorer.On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.In the Internet Options dialog box, tap the Security tab.Click Default OK.

    This will preventerror message because you successfully uninstalled the crashing Works for Word add-in, such as the program.

    Fix 4# Use Microsoft Fix-It #50356

    In many cases, downloading Microsoft Fix-It #50356 determines that the user has successfully overcome Excel error 438: An object does not support a particular property or method.

    So, you can download the provided Microsoft Patch Fix-it from this link: – Solutions After after completing the packages, the wizard will walk you through the tasks you can complete.

    With this hotfix #50356 from Microsoft, you can easily repair broken registry chains that are causing a specific issue. This patch includes new keys to save real or broken keys. If all your registry keys are corrupted, your application window will display information about the error. But after closing this new part on your PC, your window does not show any error that the object does not support this property or method.

    If you really haven’t solved your current problem after trying the abovefix, go to the next solution.

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