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    You may encounter an error that the multicast interval will be fixed. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, so we’ll cover them in a moment. central problem The most common problem in multicast networks is the transmission of packets from all sources that do not reach the destinations. Other requirements may relate to the structure of the distribution tree itself, as well as unwanted flooding in LAN environments where many switches are used.




    Used Components

    This fearYour policy is not limited to specific software and hardware versions of your computer system.

    General Information

    When troubleshooting multicast routing, the source address is the most valuable. Multicast has the concept of RPF check (Reverse Path Forwarding). When a multicast packet arrives on an interface, this RPF process checks to see if that incoming interface is close to the surprising interface used by unicast routing to reach the source through the multicast packet. This RPF parsing process prevents loops. Multicast routing seriously doesn’t forward a packet if the received packet doesn’t pass any RPF check. Once the packet passes this RPF check, multicast forwards the packet based solely on the destination address.

    As with unicast routing, multicast route tracing uses multiple protocols, such as in the form of protocol-independent dense multicast routingmulticast mode (PIM-DM), PIM sparse mode distance (pim-sm), Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (DVMPP), multicast. Border Gateway Protocol (MBGP) and Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP). The search for cases that you perform in this document shows the process of solving various problems. You’ll see which commands were found so you can quickly find your current issue and learn how to fix it. Case studies listed are common to all protocols unless otherwise noted.

    Router Not Forwarding Multicast Packets To Host Due To RPF Section Error

    How do you troubleshoot multicast issues?

    Step 1: Propagate RP information using the topology.Step 2: Make sure all “R” recipients reach the “G” people.Step 3: Verify that the DR can reach the RP unicast packet exchange purchase.

    This provides an important solution to a common problem caused by the IP multicast RPF error. This graphic network is a perfect example.

    In this figure, multicast packets enter router 75a E0/0 through a server whose IP address is exactly and are sent to organization Is it a specific (S, G) or (1.1 .1.1,

    Accurate Problem Diagnosis

    Hosts directly connected to the route congestion 75a, receive a multicast stream, but remain directly connected to router 72a and do not use it. First issue the show internet protocol address mroute command to see what is happening with router 75a. This command checks the multicast option (mroute) for the hub group on

    75a#show ip mroute Multicast Route TableFlags: D - dense, S - sparse, C - connected, L - local, P - truncated       R - RP bit set, F - Registration flag, T - SPT bit set, J - Attach to SPT       M - entry created by MSDP, X - Proxy join timer started       A - promoted via MSDPTimer: on/timeout durationInterface status: interface, possibly next VCD transition, status/mode(*,, 00:01:23/00:02:59, RP, D flags:  Incoming interface: null, RPF number  List of outgoing interfaces:   Ethernet0/1, direct/sparse density, 00:01:23/00:00:00(,, 00:01:23/00:03:00, flags: TA  Incoming interface: RPF ethernet0/0, number  List of outgoing interfaces:    Ethernet0/1, Forward/Sparse-Dense, 00:01:23/00:00:00 

    Because the router operates in compressed mode In PIM mode (you know it’s tight because of the D flag), remove the *,G entry and focus on the S,G entry. This entry tells you that the multicast packets are actually coming from the server whose address is 1.1.1., which is 1, to which you just sent the multicast group Packets entering the Ethernet0/0 interface are forwarded using the Ethernet0/1 shield. Is this the ideal scenario?

    troubleshooting multicast gaping

    Use the show pim ip Neighbor command frequently to see if router 72a shows the upstream router (75a) as a PIM neighbor:

    ip22-72a#Display neighbor PIM IP addressPIM neighborhood tableNeighbor Address Interface Timeout in Ver Mode2.1.1.1 Ethernet3/1 2d00h 00:01:15 v2 

    How do I know if multicast is working?

    To determine if multicast is working properly on your network, you can use one of the following quick tcpdump/ping tests. If I were to say that multicast is working fine, a person should see the packets arriving at the first node. Repeat this process on each host to verify that multicast is working properly on your network.

    With its command ability to show PIM neighbors, Neighborship PIM looks good.

    Be sure to include the show ip mroute command in the statement to check if Router 72a supports the correct mroute:

    troubleshooting multicast gaping

    ip22-72a#show ip mroute Multicast Route TableFlags: D - dense, S - sparse, B - Bidir group, s - SSM group, C - connected,       L - Local, P - Shorthand, R - RP Bitset, F - Registry Flag,       T - Set, spt-bit J - Join SPT, M - Record created by MSDP,       X - Proxy join timer running, A - Candidate for MSDP announcement,       U - URD, I - specific host reported, Z - multicast tunnel       Y - join MDT data group, l - send to MDT data groupIndicators of external urinary incontinence: H - material change, A - confirmation of the winner Timer: on/timeout duration Interface state: interface, next hop or VCD, state/mode (*,, 00:10:42/stopped, RP, red flags: DC  Incoming interface: Null, RPF 0 nbr.0.0.0  List of outgoing GUIs:    Ethernet3/1, straight/dense, 00:10:42/00:00:00    Ethernet3/2, straight/dense, 00:10:42/00:00:00 (,, 00:01:10/00:02:48, Flags: 

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Run a scan to find and fix errors
  • 3. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • Get better performance from your computer with this software - download it to fix your PC today.

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