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    You may encounter an error code pointing to the Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter Device Manager. Well, there are several ways to fix this problem, which we will discuss shortly.

    1. The Xbox Wireless Adapter Is Not Recognized In The Program Manager

      Where is Xbox adapter in Device Manager?

      Go to Device Manager. Select Network adapters > WLAN adapter for Windows. Select Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows to open the properties window.

      My wireless adapter suddenly stopped working, device manager says it’s your unknown usb device. When I check to update the driver, nothing starts and writes that the best truckers are already installed. I had the above for problem years. I would be very grateful if people could help.


    2. < Element>XBox 360 Wireless Adapter Not Found in Device Manager – Windows 10


      As you mentioned, the price of the device is not available either as a WLAN adapter or as an unknown device.Device manager.

      I suggest you contact your Xbox 360 console hardware manufacturer. The problem is with the hardware.

      You can also post your questions on the Xbox forums.

      See specific link:

      I hope the information is informative.

      Thank you very much.

    3. Xbox controller not compatible with wireless adapter


      Thank you for posting in the Microsoft Community Forums.

      I appreciate your time and patience while working on this issue. For clarity, answer the following questions:

    4. Are you using an Xbox as a controller?
    5. If you are using an Xbox One controller, I recommend following the instructions to the end of the article
      Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter Geratemanager
      Gerenciador De Dispositivos Do Adaptador Sem Fio Xbox 360
      Dispetcher Ustrojstv Besprovodnogo Adaptera Xbox 360
      Administrador De Dispositivos Del Adaptador Inalambrico Xbox 360
      Gestionnaire De Peripherique Adaptateur Sans Fil Xbox 360
      Xbox 360 무선 어댑터 장치 관리자
      Xbox 360 Draadloze Adapter Apparaatbeheer
      Menedzer Urzadzen Adaptera Bezprzewodowego Xbox 360
      Xbox 360 Tradlos Adapter Enhetshanterare
      Gestione Dispositivi Adattatore Wireless Xbox 360